No. Student Name Educational Attainment Topic Supervision Role Year
Balasubramanian NathanDoctor of PhilosophyPenghalaan Berbantu Kualiti Perkhidmatan untuk Penstriman Video dalam Rangkaian Tertakrif PerisianCo-supervisor2020
Ahmed Khallel Ibrahim Al-AniDoctor of PhilosophyMekanisme Pencegahan Serangan Nafi Khidmat terhadap Proses Pengesanan Alamat Pendua dalam Rangkaian Pautan-Setempat IPv6Co-supervisor2020
Syazwina Binti AliasDoctor of PhilosophySoftware Based Scalable Packet Capture Mechanism to Reduce Packet LossMain Supervisor2019
Ahmad Yousef Mohammad AlnajjarDoctor of PhilosophyTrustQR: A Technique for the Detection of Phishing Attacks in QR CodesMain Supervisor2019
Lial Raja' Abdelkareem MissifDoctor of PhilosophyProbabilistic Event Detection Mechanism for Indoor Environment Using Wireless Sensor NetworkCo-supervisor2019
Ahmed MustaffaMaster (Dissertation)Design & Development of Data Privacy Awareness ModelMain Supervisor2019
Sheraz KhanMaster (Dissertation)Enhanced MQTT Security ProtocolMain Supervisor2019
Amirah Nadrah Binti GhazaliMaster (Dissertation)Measuring the Effectiveness of Fake News Awareness ToolkitMain Supervisor2019
S.H. BurairMaster (Dissertation)Study of Social Engineering and Malware DistributionMain Supervisor2019
Malathi SantharanMBA (Dissertation-Open University Malaysia)Study on Impact of ICT on the Roles of Human Resource RecruitmentMain Supervisor2019
James Tang Seng LeongMaster (Dissertation)Image Processing and Automotive Related Infrastructures/Facilities and SecurityMain Supervisor2019
Samer Abdulsada Mutlag Al-SaleemDoctor of PhilosophyAnomaly-Based Detection Approach to Detect the Flash Crowd Attack during the Flash EventMain Supervisor2018
Aun YichietDoctor of PhilosophyBehavioural Feature Extraction for Context-Aware Traffic Classification of Mobile ApplicationsMain Supervisor2018
Firesh BakhdaMaster (Dissertation)Improvement of Packet Capture MechanismMain Supervisor2018
Midea Sabah AliMaster (Dissertation)Design and Development of Cybersecurity Framework to Address the Issue of Internet Safety in IraqMain Supervisor2018
Nurul Syahirah Binti SamsurMaster (Dissertation)A Video Based License Plate Recognition SystemMain Supervisor2018
Chong Tian TeckMaster (Dissertation)A Unified Hardware Abstraction Layer Mechanism Modeling for Rapidly Evolving Pre-silicon Hardware Dependent Software Development and ValidationMain Supervisor2018
Shafiq Ul RehmanDoctor of PhilosophyIntegrated Framework for Secure Distributed Management of Duplicated IPv6 Address DetectionMain Supervisor2017
Parminder Singh BawaDoctor of PhilosophyEconomic Denial of Sustainability (EDOS) Attack Mitigation Mechanism in Cloud Computing EnvironmentsMain Supervisor2017
Narayanan SambathMasterA Hellinger Distance based Algorithm to Detect Distributed Denial of Service Attacks on Voice over Internet Protocol EnvironmentsMain Supervisor2017
Punitha SinappanMaster (Dissertation)An Efficient Mechanism to Offload Automotive Data from Digital Instrument Cluster to a Cloud ServerMain Supervisor2017
Devamekalai NagasundaramMaster (Dissertation)Leveraging IPv6 To Identifying and Locating IoT Medical DevicesMain Supervisor2017
Redhwan Mohammed Ahmed SaadDoctor of PhilosophyICMPv6 Echo Request DDoS Attack Detection Framework Using Back-Propagation Neural NetworkMain Supervisor2016
Esraa Saleh Hasoon AlomariDoctor of PhilosophyDetection of Botnet-Based Hypertext Transfer Protocol Flooding Attacks on Web ServersMain Supervisor2016
Leau Yu BengDoctor of PhilosophyA Situation Assessment and Prediction Mechanism for Network Security Situation AwarenessMain Supervisor2016
Hala A. IbrahimDoctor of PhilosophyA Design Of Cloud Security Model For Openstack Object StorageMain Supervisor2015
Aws Naser JaberMasterImproving The Efficiency Of SIP Authentication Based On The Pre-Calculated Look-Up TableMain Supervisor2013


No. Student Name Educational Attainment Topic Supervision Role Year
Wu Chia ChuanMaster (Dissertation)Programmable Cloud Based Robotic Process Automation SystemMain Supervisor2020
Riyadh Rahef Nuiaa Al OgailiDoctor of PhilosophyData Mining with NetworkMain Supervisor2019
Tan Eng KeeMasterLMM: A lightweight messaging middleware for IoT and video streaming applicationsCo-supervisor2019
Asamoah Kwaku AcheampongMasterAN EFFICIENT ALGORITHM FOR CLUSTER HEAD ELECTIONCo-supervisor2019
Midea Sabah AliDoctor of PhilosophyCyber security framework in iraqMain Supervisor2019
Abdijalil Abdullahi MohamedDoctor of PhilosophyChallenges and Opportunities for Implementing internet Exchange Point in SomaliaMain Supervisor2019
Chong Tian TeckDoctor of PhilosophyA Improved Method to Protect AI Machine Learning Model from Being Stolen by Black Box Testing with a Hardware Software Hybrid MechanismMain Supervisor2019
Sababathy A/l S PalanisamyDoctor of PhilosophyThe Role of LORA technology_A Solution to mitigate pollution and flash floods in Urban AreasMain Supervisor2019
Erum AshrafDoctor of PhilosophyValue based Test Case Prioritization for Regression Testing of Cloud ApplicationMain Supervisor2019
Ahmed Jameel HintawDoctor of PhilosophyMulti-Layered Virtual Transport Network Design and ManagementMain Supervisor2018
Nazrool Bin OmarDoctor of PhilosophyDetecting SLAAC Attack in IPv6 Network using Enhanced Detection MechanismMain Supervisor2017
Navaneethan A/l C.arjumanDoctor of PhilosophyAn Improved Secure Router Discovery Mechanism to Prevent Denial Service Attack in the IPV6 NetworkMain Supervisor2014
Mahmood Arif Lafta Al ShareedaDoctor of PhilosophyTHE APPROACH FOR BLACK HOLE ATTACKS IN VANETCo-supervisor2019
Fadi Khalil Ibrahim Abu Zwayed Doctor of PhilosophyProposed Energy Efficiency Model for Clusterbased Capillary Networks in Internet of Things.Co-supervisor2019
Salam Radi Mahmoud Al-e'MariDoctor of PhilosophyProposed Approach to Secure Cloud Computing Environments from Threats.Co-supervisor2019
Sami Ahmad Mosbah AbualhayjaaDoctor of PhilosophyNeural System for Detecting DDoS Attack based on Cloud ComputingCo-supervisor2019
Mohammad Foad Mohd Abu KhadraDoctor of PhilosophyA traffic from the perspective of a large pure between Ipv6 and ipv4 Based ISPCo-supervisor2018
Mu'Ath Mohammad Elayan MaqablehDoctor of PhilosophyPrevent the triple data encryption standard ( 3DES ) from the Meet-in-the-Middle-AttackCo-supervisor2018
Adnan Hasan Bdair Al Ghuraibawi Doctor of PhilosophyBinding Update Signaling Reduction in NEMO Supported PMIPv6Co-supervisor2018
Basim Ahmad Abed Alhamead Al Absi Doctor of PhilosophySecure-RPL: Approach to Prevent Resource-based Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks using Balanced Clustering Co-supervisor2016